Improve your score on Google and on TripAdvisor with Real-Time Feedback!

Real-Time Feedback allows your guests to easily and privately communicate with business management in real-time. Price starts at $199.

how does it work?

ENGAGE guests, ENHANCE experiences & RESOLVE issues quickly

Enhance your customer experience with Real-Time Feedback. By strategically placing Smart QR codes throughout your property, this innovative solution enables customers to effortlessly share their thoughts and provide a 360° perspective through a simple scan.

In Hotel

Find out what issues guests and visitors are having while they are on property and address them in real time.

At Checkout

Guests receive a rating request text message immediately upon checkout.


Manage and respond to your hotel’s online public reviews such as Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook and others all in one platform.

Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Feedback

Guests and Visitors Scan Smart Codes to Submit Feedback

Management Receives & Responds in Real Time

Managing guests feedback can be done in the App or on a web platform. Customers receive responses as text messages that they can respond to.

AutoPilot Rating

Send guests a rating request text message as soon as they checkout.

Guests receive a Rating Request text message or email immediately upon checkout from your hotel.

5 star ratings are taken directly to the public review site of your choice (sites can be distributed to allow for even spread).
1-4 star ratings ask the guest to provide details as to why they did not have a 5-star experience.

why us?

We Help Hotels

Prevent and manage negative online reviews

Dramatically increase positive reviews

Discover and resolve issues quickly

Instantly start a conversation

enhance guest interaction now

Increase your Google and TripAdvisor reviews with Real-Time Feedback