vp of human resources

Veronica Sarria L.

Veronica Sarria is an  HR leader, serving as the VP of Human Resources with 4 years of experience. With a primary focus on personnel selection, development, and empowering human capital, she plays an important role in driving organizational success by aligning talent with the company’s strategic objectives.
Her exceptional skills in identifying and integrating individuals who resonate with the organization’s culture and possess the right competencies enable seamless team dynamics and enhanced productivity. 
A natural leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Veronica fosters a collaborative work environment where employees feel motivated and engaged. Her proactive and disciplined approach, coupled with a keen organizational ability, ensures the successful execution of HR initiatives.
Veronica holds a degree in psychology from UPB in Colombia and is dedicated to continuous growth in her field. Currently specializing in Human Resources Management, she consistently seeks opportunities for learning and development, actively pursuing certifications that elevate her expertise and value to the organization.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Veronica is an advocate for holistic well-being. She passionately promotes the concept of healthy living, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit for overall fulfillment and success.
Outside of the workplace, Veronica finds joy in being a devoted dog mom to her two dachshunds, Jager and Freya.